Tea, work, and human adults are actually prepubescent apes

It might be a little strange to continue this blog after such a long time has passed. I now have a Master’s degree and I’ve been working on salary for more than a year and a half. Moderate-income, etc. Living with my girlfriend of 3 years, and pretty much settled down. Work is changing rapidly. More on this soon, probably.

I have abandoned my passion for Magic: the Gathering, which I sometimes miss a lot, but most of the time I’m relieved. I just need a lot more time to spend on Magic than I have to spend on literally anything, so that was the first to go.

New passions include tea and podcasts, which I listen to on my bike ride to work. Podcasts first: This American Life, of course, and Reply All are my highlights.

Tea is a much bigger subject. Latest teas are lemon verbena from the leaves, and this amazing dragonwell tea that my girlfriend’s boss keeps bringing her from China. She doesn’t drink tea so it’s all me. I make kombucha out of white peony and do a secondary fermentation with whole chai spices, and that tends to work out nicely (the ginger gives it a little punch, which I like in the evenings). Excited to start cold-steeping teas, although it’s solidly winter now and I suppose most of the convenience is gone. However, my big-ish tea pot was brutally killed by a falling bottle on our kitchen cart, which made it a lot harder to steep large quantities of tea quickly, so I suppose I must bow to convenience at this point.

I’m a little obsessed with the idea that humans are domesticated animals, which makes 100% sense but isn’t something I had really thought about before. See io9 and Radiolab’s show. The creepy part of the whole thing is that domesticated animals have distinct changed features that tend toward essentially juvenile traits – and humans actually have continued to tend toward that too! What will we look like in another 1000 years? Luckily, we will actually have very accurate photos and 3-D simulated bodies to compare ourselves to. I’m pretty thrilled about it. I am happy to be domesticated. I hope that domestication continues to be successful! The more domesticated we become, the more peaceful. World peace might not be achievable today, but we are slowly evolving ourselves into a species that might actually be able to do it.


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